As a kid, I was a part of a few different families, across a couple states, and what feels like a variety of potential lives. 

Perpetually a "new kid," I tried my best to learn, adapt, and integrate into each distinct culture I was now a part of. Although constantly having to make new friends wasn't always easy, I grew secure in the idea that friends are everywhere. 

Fortunately, not having control over many aspects of my life, afforded me the opportunity to dream. Growing up came with the understanding that who I am is a result of my experience. 

Realizing that the skills I learned out of necessity could become my greatest assets, gave me drive. When I found an opportunity to pursue my bachelors abroad, I wasn't afraid to be the new kid once again.

University in Switzerland helped me learn a language, develop my resilience, and broaden my context. From my professors, to my classmates, and my friends; I had the privilege to see intercultural communication from a range of perspectives and at its very limit. I also took the time to study what I was passionate about, and between my love for marketing, psychology, and culture - I found advertising. 

I knew I wanted to enter the field, but my degree had not prepared me for knowing what role I wanted to take. I had the theoretical background, but lacked insight; and then I found Hyper Island.

At Hyper I have come to learn that everyone is creative. I saw that team development can not only sustain workplace fun but deliver better results, and I became a believer. I was given the unique opportunity to explore, deconstruct, and facilitate my own education; and received briefs with motivated clients that allowed me to put theory into practice. 

During this journey full of triumphs and failures, I became a strategist. I saw that the same soft skills that helped me to belong, could now help clients connect the dots with consumers. Leaving with a toolbox of methodology, invaluable feedback, and multiple books worth of notes, my excitement for what comes next is only matched by my gratitude for the experience.

One day, I hope to become part of a team that helps brands create more engaging products, services, and experiences for consumers. For now, I'm seeking a strategy position that will allow me to empower clients, sharpen my powers of observation, and occupy those brief moments of clarity in the shower.