Based on the influx of refugees coming to Sweden in 2015, the Swedish government implemented Act 2016:752. This act imposes temporary restrictions on the possibility to obtain a residence permit in Sweden.

Since the new legislation came into place, Rädda Barnen (Save the Children Sweden) has received a storm of testimonies and current situation analyses on the worrying development for unaccompanied minors in school and BUP (Sweden’s Child and Youth psychiatry office).

Save the Children has identified increased mental illness and a prolonged and difficult establishment phase as consequences of the new legislation, likely leading to more children living outside the formal system. Therefore their ambition is to tear up Act 2016:752.



Save the Children Sweden came to Hyper Island seeking help to collect, verify, and format these children’s stories in order to create powerful advocacy material that visualizes the real consequences of the new legislation.

We had 48 hours to come up with an innovative concept that would help the client influence and activate public opinion.





We realized that most of the stories came from a few select groups (e.g. caregivers, teachers, chief guardians, the children themselves). The organization receives the testimonies through emails and phone calls, all directed to different staff members.

So we asked ourselves; how can we help Save the Children to standardize their collection practice, and best spread the stories they receive, while revealing the children in Sweden who have been transformed into statistics.


This is the proposed internal structure for submitted stories to Save the Children Sweden. Considering the trouble they had both processing and verifying stories, we drafted an implementation strategy that used trusted groups of peers to verify and follow up on submissions from within their own demographic.




We decided to provide Save the Children with a platform where these stories and testimonies are easily gathered and shared with the public.

Data Diaries is an interactive website that enables the organization to give these children a voice and put national data into a personal context. The stories published can range from voice recordings, video clips, pictures or written narratives.

We hope to use this standardized way of collecting stories to enable a faster and easier processing of Save The Children’s qualitative data. Better organized data and insights are easier to share and thus more impactful. By letting these stories frame the national statistics, we hope to raise awareness and empathy for these children and inspire the general public to take action.


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